31 Days of Wellbeing

I don’t know how everyone else is feeling, but to me, it seems like a stressful time. We need to focus on our wellbeing during stressful times, therefore I am dedicating 31 days to wellbeing and setting one activity per day to alleviate stress and bring a little happiness into each day. Some is physical, some is mental, some is emotional…but all are very small things which I believe could make a big difference alongside one another.

I have been inspired by Fearne Cotton’s Happy: The Journal, which forces me to dedicate some of my day to ‘me’ and to my happiness and wellbeing. It has been good for me to do this, it’s become a great new bedtime routine alongside my Harry Potter re-reading! Now I will create my own to double the joy 🙂

Please join me and let’s get some positive vibes into our life!

Day 1: Walk outside

Day 2: Make shapes

Day 3: Let it go

Day 4: Read words

Day 5: To-do list

Day 6: Happy list

Day 7: Plan ‘me time’

Day 8: Be kind

Day 9: Happy playlist

Day 10: Declutter

Day 11: Are you having a laugh?

Day 12: Cooking a feast

Day 13: Early night anyone?

Day 14: Plan a trip

Day 15: Accept your flaws

Day 16: Create a quote

Day 17: Be proud

Day 18: Drink H20

Day 19: Gratitude

Day 20: Be YOU

Day 21: Leave the processed stuff

Day 22: Reflect and make a change

Day 23: Organise to meet someone

Day 24: Donate

Day 25: Treat yourself

Day 26: Memories

Day 27: Try something new

Day 28: Create

Day 29: Accomplishments

Day 30: Learn

Day 31: Intentions


33 thoughts on “31 Days of Wellbeing

    • Booster says:

      Thanks Sarah, I’m not sure if it worked so well as some of the other stuff (feels a bit too vague whereas everything else is focused on self esteem) but it was fun to write!


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