31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 16

Day 16 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

I’ve had a couple of days off writing posts because I have had a very busy few days, and I was at risk of burning out if I kept pushing myself to do too many things at once.

Remember, there is only so much you can do and if you stress yourself out frequently trying to keep on top of everything, you will end up resentful, anxious and feeling down. I have been learning this the hard way recently, particularly at work. I am starting to realise the importance of not pushing myself into the stress zone by taking on too much, and by and putting pressure on myself to do everything to a perfect standard.

You can't pour from an empty glass.Take care of yourself.

So I’ve created this quote picture to remind me of this. I will download this image onto my phone so I can keep reminding myself all year about the importance of not taking on too much, of not stressing myself out with impossible high standards. Most importantly, this will remind me that I am better able to help others and share positive energy if I firstly take care of myself.

Where am I going with all this anyway? Your wellbeing activity today is to make your own quote picture to live by. Choose a quote which will remind you of something you should do this year to be happy and have a healthy mind/body. These quote pictures are very easy to make – I use Canva.

Happy creating and please share any that you make in the comments 🙂


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