31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 18

Day 18 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

We are going for a physical one today…well I say physical, but actually this will really support your mental wellbeing too.

Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues. Kevin R. StoneRead more at_.png

All I ask of you today is that you drink…although the following quote from NHS is from 2011, it still stands:

NHS Choices’ page on Water and drinks says: Your body needs water or other fluids to work properly and to avoid dehydration. That’s why it’s important to drink enough fluids. In climates such as the UK’s, we should drink about 1.2 litres (six to eight glasses) of fluid every day to stop us getting dehydrated. (13 Jul 2011)

Please spend today avoiding all those sugary drinks. Stay away from diet versions as well which are laden with additives. If you don’t like drinking plain water, try flavouring it with lemon, orange, lime, cucumber etc. At the worst, have a little squash to give it some flavour. Tea and coffee – limit yourself to one cup today. Replace it with water and I promise it is increasing your physical and mental wellbeing…


31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 17

Day 17 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

We are going for a simple one here, simple but very powerful and important to increase your self-esteem and wellbeing.


Be proud of at least one thing you have done today. It doesn’t matter how small or big, but be proud of something, even if it’s just surviving a hard day or making it out the front door. I am proud today of not letting stress take hold of me as much as I have done in the past.

Try to do this every day if you can – focusing on the things you are proud of rather than being anxious about the future will help you remain present and improve your sense of self-worth.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud? (Great song!)

31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 16

Day 16 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

I’ve had a couple of days off writing posts because I have had a very busy few days, and I was at risk of burning out if I kept pushing myself to do too many things at once.

Remember, there is only so much you can do and if you stress yourself out frequently trying to keep on top of everything, you will end up resentful, anxious and feeling down. I have been learning this the hard way recently, particularly at work. I am starting to realise the importance of not pushing myself into the stress zone by taking on too much, and by and putting pressure on myself to do everything to a perfect standard.

You can't pour from an empty glass.Take care of yourself.

So I’ve created this quote picture to remind me of this. I will download this image onto my phone so I can keep reminding myself all year about the importance of not taking on too much, of not stressing myself out with impossible high standards. Most importantly, this will remind me that I am better able to help others and share positive energy if I firstly take care of myself.

Where am I going with all this anyway? Your wellbeing activity today is to make your own quote picture to live by. Choose a quote which will remind you of something you should do this year to be happy and have a healthy mind/body. These quote pictures are very easy to make – I use Canva.

Happy creating and please share any that you make in the comments 🙂


31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 15

Day 15 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

This is probably the hardest mental activity to do so far. We are often told to make a list of our strengths as part of a wellbeing challenge, but in Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy: Journal’ book, I was asked to do something completely opposite, which was scary but actually a useful activity!

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Marilyn Monroe

Yes, I am asking you to think about your imperfections. Be honest about what you think your shortcomings are. However, a couple of rules! Firstly, remember you are your worst critic. If your friend was to make a list of your shortcomings, they would probably struggle to think of one, so don’t freak out if your mental list of flaws is long.

Secondly, as you think of an imperfection, try to make peace with it. Accept that you are not perfect. Does anybody actually like a person with no flaws? Does that person even exist? It isn’t a person I could get on with! Flaws are relatable, remember. Try to think of a positive point from the flaw as well, e.g. perhaps you are over-emotional but that could also be a sign that you care, which is lovely!

Here are a few from my list:

  • Oversensitive (positive: I am a big softie really who cares too much)
  • Passive-agressive (positive: I hate confrontation and avoid scary fights)
  • Quiet in big groups and meetings (positive: I listen well and it would be a problem if everybody in a group is loud and overbearing)
  • Untoned thighs (positive: I am very relatable, a lot of women suffer from this from what I hear!)

I will stop there…you don’t want to go on and on with this list because that will eventually make you feel rubbish! But think of 4-5 and the key to healthy wellbeing is to learn to accept these imperfections and see them in a more positive light.

31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 14

Day 14 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

As much as I love my home, travelling is something which has always boosted my wellbeing and love for life. I believe experiencing and appreciating the wider world is important for our wellbeing, as it takes us away from stagnant routines and heavy workloads, which can grind us down and make us feel like life is all about chores and repetitive tasks.

Charles Horton CooleyTo get away from one's working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one's self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change.

Unless this is very well-timed, I imagine you are not able to take off on your travels today! Today, it is all about planning or looking back on travels. Perhaps you have a holiday booked which feels like it is ages away – get online and look at photos of that place. Plan some activities you might do, places you could visit or restaurants to try. This should at least inspire some positive feelings of excitement and happiness, knowing that your holiday is on its way!

If you have nothing booked, you have two things to do. Look back at previous holiday photos, and remember those wonderful feelings of happiness and smile at those memories. Secondly, get planning your next trip! Even if it is a cheap weekend or day trip in the UK, please plan in something which will allow you to see a different part of the world. 🙂


31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 13

Day 13 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

For this day, I am going to choose an activity which I personally desperately need right now…

There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep. Homer

I normally force myself to stay awake until my ‘usual bedtime’, but sometimes, it pays off to ignore the routine and get some extra zzz’s. It is a horrible feeling when you are so tired you cannot think straight. It often leads to more stress, anxiety and depression as well.

Tonight, take yourself off to bed early. Ideally, go to bed one hour before you normally would. If it feels too early to sleep and you’re not that tired, still go to bed but read a book, write, listen to music or draw instead (avoid TVs and phones!). You will still benefit from the relaxation and comfort of going to bed earlier.

With any luck, you will wake up more refreshed and ready to face whatever tomorrow brings.


31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 12

Day 12 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

This could be an easy one or a challenging one depending on your normal routine…

Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy. - Mary Berry

As much as we don’t like to admit or like it, we know that the way we eat affects our wellbeing. If we eat a danish pastry for breakfast, crisps as a snack, pizza for lunch and takeaway for dinner, we will probably feel lethargic, over-stuffed and guilty. However, if we choose overnight oats for breakfast, fruit as a snack, homemade wraps for lunch and a homemade curry for dinner, we will probably feel more energised, less bloated and pleased with ourselves. Also, if you have eaten that healthily all day, you can totally have an after-dinner treat as a reward in my opinion!

So today…I want you to cook a meal. Not necessarily from scratch – curry pastes and ready-made pastry is fine according to Jamie Oliver so let’s not make our lives too difficult! However, please avoid anything too processed e.g. frozen potato wedges, fish fingers, ready meals etc. I appreciate for whatever reason you may not be able to do this today, and may need to reach for a quick fix. If that’s the case, make a pledge to cook a meal tomorrow…or at least once this week! It will make you feel good 🙂