5 Ways to Show Yourself Love Everyday

The path to high self esteem is often long and full of ups and downs, especially if you’re starting from a very low point. You may need years of self reflection and time to challenge your set beliefs before you get to where you want to be. However, there are smaller everyday things you can do to help you on your way. So here are five actions you can take daily that will boost your self esteem.

1. Move your body

You may not be ready to LOVE your body yet, but you can appreciate it for keeping you alive. It’s a bloody miracle how it all works! What better way to show appreciation than to move your body in a way that feels good. Choose whatever you want – a brisk walk, gentle yoga, swimming, whatever makes you feel thankful for your body.

2. Challenge your negative thoughts

Whenever you hear that negative thought in your mind, stop and challenge it. One of the best ways to challenge a negative thought is to think: what would I tell a friend if I heard him/her saying this to his/herself? OR Would I ever say these words to anyone else? Check out my full post on challenging negative thoughts for more ideas.

3. Do something that scares you

One of the best ways to increase your self esteem is to exactly what you’re afraid of. For example, if you’re scared to speak up in a meeting and therefore avoid doing it, you will reinforce that fear and make it seem worse. However, if you speak up, you’ll realise it’s not as bad as you imagined in your head (if it is, you should be proud for trying) and your confidence will increase. You’re then more likely to do it again next time.

4. Accept compliments (and give yourself one!)

I am the worst person still for batting off people’s compliments. If someone says they like my hair, I’ll respond with ‘Oh really, it needs a wash’ or ‘I don’t like my roots’, rather than a simple ‘thank you’! I think deep down you can struggle to believe compliments thanks to low self esteem. But change this from now on – trust that the person is being genuine and say ‘thank you’. This will help you to believe in your good points more. Of course we don’t tend to receive compliments everyday, so instead you should give yourself one – pick one thing about yourself that you like and acknowledge this.

5. Take some time to do something that makes you happy

Doing this sends a clear message to yourself that you are deserving of happiness and joy. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes to start, prioritise yourself and your needs over other tasks and people that are calling out for attention. Taking care of yourself will mean you have more energy and love to give to others afterwards.

Do these 5 things daily and it will set you off on a good path for high self worth…


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