31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 30

Day 30 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

Almost there – penultimate activity to improve your wellbeing! This is something you do from the moment you are born, but as we become older it seems to become less significant and we begin to lose sight of its value…

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. Anthony J. D'Angelo

Invest in some time to learn. Perhaps at school you couldn’t be bothered to put in much effort, or if you did perhaps you’re missing that daily chance to learn something. Investing time to learn will send a message to yourself that you are taking time for yourself, and showing yourself self-love.

The great thing is that now, unlike at school ,you can choose something which truly interests you!

A few of my ideas:

  • Download the Duolingo app to start learning a language
  • Use YouTube for dozens of learning videos – if you’re up for anything, type ‘learn how to’ and see what comes up!
  • Ask a friend or family member to teach you something they are an expert in for an evening

31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 29

Day 29 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

Only three days left of wellbeing tasks to help you feel (I hope) happier and give yourself some love and attention. Today, it’s a simple one and you only need your mind and to commit to doing it!

You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare. Georgia O'Keeffe

What did you accomplish today? Focusing on your accomplishments is important to our wellbeing and mental health. It’s easy to focus on all the tasks you didn’t manage to do. At work, you berate yourself for not finishing the to-do list, or at home for not finding time to call that friend or sort out the garden.

When I was having a very busy, stressful period at work, a work colleague told me to focus on all of the good things I have managed to do, rather than worry about all the tasks I didn’t have time for. This really stuck with me, and I try to remember this when I feel stressed and anxious about my ever-growing to-do lists.

Remember, accomplishments do not need to be earth-shattering feats! Think about what you have achieved today (at least 3 things!). For me (and it’s only 3pm), they are:

  • Cleaned the house (not all of it obviously, I’m not crazy…but enough of it to make a difference)
  • Took Gracie for a lovely walk in the sun, and managed to distract her from 3 dogs successfully
  • Wrote a new blog post for the first time in a few days

You can only do so much in one day, so go easy on yourself and focus on those accomplishments 🙂

31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 28

Day 28 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

I hope you ended up trying something new over the past few days. If not, plenty of time this week to catch up! In fact, you could actually combine the previous activity with today’s challenge…

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture. Ken RobinsonRead more at_ https_www.brainyquote.comquoteske

I actually find this one quite challenging, as I am not naturally the type of person who gets creative in their spare time. I don’t draw, make music, write novels or make clothes! However I do believe that creativity can have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Creating this website made me feel good about myself again. It increased my self-esteem and gave me something to focus on, which I could feel proud of. It also distracted me from negative thoughts and bad habits.

If you don’t fancy any of the traditional creative outlets (writing, drawing etc.), another good one is to create a scrapbook of photos and memories e.g. from a holiday, or nowadays it’s not too far-fetched to make a movie using your phone and basic editing software. How about creating a quote picture to live by as well? Of course, you could also focus your creative skills on a gift for somebody else, e.g. a handmade card or photo collage.

Whatever you end up doing, don’t be critical about the end result and just applaud yourself for letting go of Netflix for an hour or two 🙂

31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 27

Day 27 of 31 Days of Wellbeing...

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Just try new things. Don't be afraid. Step out of your comfort zones and soar, all right_ - Michelle Obama

Some of you may be turning off immediately and thinking this activity is too challenging. It is so much easier to stay in your comfort zone where you feel safe and cosy. Nothing wrong with that, I won’t make a prat of myself or fail if I stay at home and do things that I know well.

Do you want to feel good about yourself? Do you want to improve your self-esteem and boost your wellbeing? If the answer is yes, then you need to take on this challenge. All you need to do is try something new (lovely rhyming there). The great thing is, it doesn’t have to be anything HUGE! It could be…but if you’re nervous let’s start small. Here are some suggestions:

  • Different route to work
  • Talk to a colleague you’ve never spoken to before
  • Cook a new recipe
  • Try a new exercise class, machine at the gym or YouTube exercise video
  • Do something new in the evening e.g. crossword with your partner instead of watching TV

Trying new things regularly will refresh your mind, body and life so let’s get started this week!

31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 25

Day 25 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

I am going to completely contradict my previous post about donating now, and tell you to do the opposite! I think both have their place in supporting your wellbeing.

You have to treat yourself every once in a while, get to the fun stuff!Heidi Klum

Don’t rely on others to buy you flowers, chocolates or other treats. Take control and show yourself some love independently today. I’m not advising anyone to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest gadget (unless you have the spare money rocking around!), but treat yourself to something which brings you happiness.

Personally I am probably going to buy either a plant or some flowers, as I always rely on others to buy these for me. Why wait?! 🙂


31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 24

Day 24 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

I don’t know about anyone else, but if your Easter is anything like mine, I have over-indulged and spent many a penny on too many Easter treats. Like Christmas, it is a pretty overindulgent time of year. This is absolutely fine, but we must remember there are people out there who are struggling…perhaps with health, loneliness or homelessness.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.Charles Dickens

Do you remember that episode of FRIENDS, when Phoebe said that you couldn’t donate 100% selflessly? I think she was right, and this is a positive thing because it means it is a win-win situation to give to others. They benefit from your generosity, and you benefit from feeling good about giving.

So today, make a donation! It’s so easy nowadays to do this – online or in person if you see a collections box. Give at least £5 and feel good about it – even if your self-esteem and/or wellbeing is at rock bottom, you have done something amazing today.

31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 20

Day 20 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

So many of us fall into the trap of people pleasing. We are so keen to please, that we become afraid to disagree with someone…afraid of admitting the films we truly enjoy because we know the others think differently….scared of showing our real opinions at work…or maybe it’s just me!

We shouldn’t be afraid. Everyone’s opinion is worth something, and it wreaks havoc with your self-esteem if you let the fear of being yourself take over to the point where you are acting like somebody else.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay

Today, please, be unashamedly you. Say what you are thinking, rather than stopping yourself for fear of saying something ‘wrong’. Listen to the music which makes your heart sing, rather than pretending to like something else. Admit that your favourite film is Lord of the Rings when your colleague talks about his hatred of fantasy films. Be quiet when you want to be, be crazy when that feeling hits…and don’t fear the reactions. There is only one of you, the world does not need clones and you need to stop denying everyone your uniqueness.


31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 17

Day 17 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

We are going for a simple one here, simple but very powerful and important to increase your self-esteem and wellbeing.


Be proud of at least one thing you have done today. It doesn’t matter how small or big, but be proud of something, even if it’s just surviving a hard day or making it out the front door. I am proud today of not letting stress take hold of me as much as I have done in the past.

Try to do this every day if you can – focusing on the things you are proud of rather than being anxious about the future will help you remain present and improve your sense of self-worth.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud? (Great song!)

31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 13

Day 13 of 31 Days of Wellbeing

For this day, I am going to choose an activity which I personally desperately need right now…

There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep. Homer

I normally force myself to stay awake until my ‘usual bedtime’, but sometimes, it pays off to ignore the routine and get some extra zzz’s. It is a horrible feeling when you are so tired you cannot think straight. It often leads to more stress, anxiety and depression as well.

Tonight, take yourself off to bed early. Ideally, go to bed one hour before you normally would. If it feels too early to sleep and you’re not that tired, still go to bed but read a book, write, listen to music or draw instead (avoid TVs and phones!). You will still benefit from the relaxation and comfort of going to bed earlier.

With any luck, you will wake up more refreshed and ready to face whatever tomorrow brings.


31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 2

Day 2 of 31 Days of Wellbeing is here…let’s continue to focus on feeling good about ourselves for at least one moment today.

I feel this is an appropriate time to suggest this activity because in the UK we are facing SNOWMAGGEDON! Therefore any of our UK readers may not be feeling like getting out and about. Even if it’s nice weather outside, sometimes you don’t feel like facing the world, but it is important that you do something just to get you off the couch. Otherwise, your physical and mental wellbeing will suffer.

“The very heart of yoga practice is ‘abyhasa_ – steady effort in the direction you want to go.”

Yes…yoga…I know it’s such a cliché to mention yoga when talking about wellbeing. But it works! I decided to do yoga every day in January to see if it made a difference. I had been to yoga classes before but never more than once per week, and the focus was always to make it a workout, rather than an activity to nurture the mind and body.

I followed the True series by Adriene on YouTube (all you need is a laptop, cable, TV and a yoga mat!) which that focused on getting to know your true self and finding what feels good for you. Knowing that every day I would carve out that time for myself made a massive difference – I noticed the way I handled stress and anxiety changed for the better.

All I ask is that you give it a go…and ideally give it a fews gos 🙂

Definitely check out Yoga with Adriene – she has lots of sessions specially for when you feel stressed, anxious, depressed, in a bad mood etc!