Back with a!

I haven’t written a word on here since last summer, which is a shame as I love writing about coping with low self esteem in the hope it will help someone out there. I’ve been quite busy – I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Isobel, on March 5th.

She is now almost 11 weeks old and I am besotted. It’s bloody hard work though, especially with corona virus around, meaning our family and friends have only spent time with her over a screen.

Also, I’m learning that motherhood can take quite a toll on your self confidence. Whether it’s the way you feel about your body, your capability as a mother, your relationships and more, there’s nothing more testing than being thrown in the deep end with a tiny baby who is dependent on you.

My own self esteem has definitely taken a knock over the past few weeks. I’ve started questioning whether I’m a good enough mum/wife/friend, and I’ve been doing the big no-no of comparing myself to everyone else at times.

Therefore, my next few posts will focus on how we can boost our self esteem as mums, although many of the ideas will be useful for everyone. I am no GP or counsellor, but I have researched how to raise self esteem for many years now, and continue to seek advice from experts and real people who have struggled (including myself) that I can share. I’m learning at the same time, so I’ll be trying out my own tips and techniques with you.

Look out for my first post coming soon! 

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