Boost articles – reflect & debate

This section of Boost is full of articles which reflect on and debate current issues concerning mental health and well-being.

Click on the category below for subject-specific posts. The full list of articles can be found below the picture.


In the news

Raising self-esteem

Stress and anxiety

deep breath

Buzzfeed post: Confessions from those with low self-esteem

La vie est courte #PrayforParis

The impact of praise on mental health

Stress – keep on coping or walk away?

Five characteristics of people with high self-esteem

Stressed-out students

Coming off Citalopram

Time to respect homosexuality

SELF-love conquers all

Time for a little reflection…

The wisdom of Shrek


Scarred for life?

What if I don’t achieve my goal?

Let’s get physical

Controlling anxiety attacks before they take hold

Happy Easter!

Selfie-esteem: good or bad?

My story

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