The wisdom of Shrek…


I’ve watched Shrek the musical twice now and the film too many times that I can count! Obviously, a massive reason I enjoy the story is because it is entertaining, funny and with some awesome music to boot (I’m a believer anyone?!).

However, I also find the moral of the story incredibly uplifting and I think it sends great messages to boost happiness and self-esteem.

1. Nobody should judge by first appearances. Both Shrek and Fiona judge each other by their looks initially and eventually admit they are wrong.

2. Personality is far more important than looks. Fiona falls for Shrek because he makes her laugh, not because of his green hunk of a body! Likewise, Shrek doesn’t like Fiona at first despite her being so traditionally pretty, he likes her when she starts to fart and laugh!!

3. You should embrace your ‘freak’. The things that make us ‘freaky’ are strengths not weaknesses. The characters we fall in love with (donkey, Shrek, Pinocchio, the gingerbread man etc.) are all banished from Duloc town for being ‘freaks’ – but we love them for this!!!

4. Someone preoccupied with good looks and high status is, in fact, very ugly. Lord Farquaad wants Fiona because she is a traditionally good looking princess. He is also obsessed with his own looks. This comes across very ugly…who do we warm to more – Shrek or Farquaad?!

5. It is only when you are comfortable with your true self that you can truly find your ‘happy ever after’. Fiona is at her happiest when she is her true self with Shrek i.e. when she drops the ‘Princess’ persona. By the end, to achieve her ‘happy ever after’, she has to truly realise that she is beautiful as an ogre.

6. Don’t give a damn about what people think! By the end of the story, Shrek and Fiona are much happier because they’ve given up caring what society thinks about them. They know they are awesome, they know whose opinion is important (i.e. the people they love), and no longer give a rat’s ass what society thinks!

If you can think of anything to add to this list, please say in a comment!

In the meantime, watch Shrek and enjoy the uplifting messages, as well as the entertainment 🙂

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