Scarred for life?

skin perfect

One thing that has always had an impact on my self esteem is my skin. I have plenty of freckles, moles and birthmarks. I also have several scars across my torso which I have spent the past few years feeling extremely self-conscious about, to the point that I use make-up to cover them.

I always worry about the moment when they will be revealed to others, and at one point I was convinced that I was unlovable thanks to them.

I talked this through with my therapist, and she helped me to come to terms with them.

I had to stand in front of a full-length mirror in my underwear and take in my whole self. Normally my thoughts and gaze go straight to the scars and I just focus on how ‘ugly’ they look. But instead now I look at myself as a whole.

I focus on the feminine shape of my body, the muscles I have developed through exercise, and any other parts I like.

The fact is, we are not defined by one flaw. Anyone worth knowing will focus on us as a whole body and as a whole person rather than a few small imperfections…

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