What if I don’t achieve my goal?


So I talked about setting a physical goal yesterday, and how it might help to boost self-esteem.

After I posted this, I read an article which discussed the problems with goal-setting, and the dangers of feeling worse if you don’t achieve your end goal.

I wanted really to stress today that in my opinion, it is the journey that matters most, not the achievement (although of course it’s the cherry on the cake if you meet your physical challenge!!). My current physical goal is to conquer the monkey bars during a Wolf Run. Today I ran the Spring Wolf Run, and I attempted the monkey bars and fell almost immediately off. I tried again, and fell off even sooner! Did I feel bad about myself? Absolutely not. I explain why below:

a) I actually made an attempt (on my previous Wolf Run, I just ran straight past them)

b) Most other people didn’t even try and make an attempt

c) I have been working hard on my upper body strength in the gym, and have managed several things that I could never have done before. I feel stronger than ever and that’s because I am working towards this goal.

I have another race in June and you know what, I may not manage it then either. What is important is that I am trying to better myself physically and this is leading to a healthier body 🙂

The quote at the top really sums it up!

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