“La vie est courte” #PrayforParis


‘La vie est courte’, ‘Life is short’. The recent news of the Paris attacks have no doubt affected us all. The horror and brutality of such murderous action and the subsequent loss of young lives generates sadness, anger and fear within all of us.

Moments like these always make me think about life, and how lucky I am to be able to live mine, and live it in comfort and with a lot of love within it. Sometimes when physical or mental health issues take hold, it can be hard to appreciate life.

I can completely empathise that when you are suffering from anxiety or depression, people telling you to ‘snap out of it’ and how they ‘don’t understand what you can possibly be unhappy about’, is frustrating. It is not something you can control easily.

However, it is important to hold onto the fact that we are so lucky to have been handed life. It is in our control to grab it by the balls and make the most of it. You can learn to control negative thoughts, you can seek help for your problems and you can be happy. Some people get this chance taken away from them. Anyone reading this is lucky enough to be alive and needs to take control and live every day as if it might be their last…

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