30 Day Self Esteem Challenge: Day Twenty Six

Treat your body like it’s your best friend.

Day Twenty six: Move

I’ve been away this weekend in Belfast celebrating a good friend’s wedding, which has been a lot of fun. However, I’ve eaten a lot of naughty food, spent a lot of time lounging on a hotel bed and generally not moved by body very much!

I’m certainly not gonna beat myself up about doing this once in a while, but my body is now craving health and movement. I can feel my mood suffering because I haven’t been out walking the dog, running and doing yoga. I feel sluggish, out of shape and I know after a few more days my self esteem would start to take a hit. Moving is so important for our mental health – the endorphins, the sense of achievement, the feeling of taking care of our body – all so good!

So obviously today’s task is to move, eat well, hydrate and generally treat our body the way it deserves ❤️

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