Boost of the Day #75: Be Complete


Do you believe you need a relationship to make you a complete person?

Believing this will inevitably lead to you being reliant (and often, needy) on another person to feel good about yourself. To truly have high self-esteem, you need to work on believing that you can be complete all by yourself.

That way, you will be picking a partner who complements you and makes you happy, rather than picking someone just to ‘have’ someone.

So how can we feel complete, all by ourselves? Start by finding your passions and following them. Find out what makes you feel happy and pursue this. Try out new hobbies and sports if you haven’t found anything yet…

Work on your inner demons and self-worth so you don’t need a partner to validate your inner and outer beauty. Look at my tips page for some ideas on how to raise self-esteem.

Once you’ve found them, don’t drop your passions and interests to make room for a partner – they make you more attractive anyway.

2 thoughts on “Boost of the Day #75: Be Complete

  1. Curtis Yungen says:

    Sound advice. It’s a bit of an oxymoron that the less you cling to others, the more they are attracted to you, to an extent, of course. And you’re right – true completion and fulfillment comes from the inside, not from external circumstances like a relationship, job, career, wealth, or environment.

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