Boost of the Day #172: Be someone’s priority

I have spent many years of dating (mostly) men who made me anxious and miserable, and now I am in a happy relationship I can see what my issue was. I chose partners who were not ready for commitment. The ones who would be charming when we spent time together, but who were not that interested … Continue reading Boost of the Day #172: Be someone’s priority

Stand your ground! YOU are good enough

Morning from sunny England (finally!),

During my daily read of blogs on self-esteem, I came across one which I completely related to so I thought I should share. I have been guilty of putting men I date on a pedestal and I have slowly realised that this will never lead to a healthy relationship, and indeed will always lead to being hurt.

So it’s time to swear off dating until you really love and value yourself. Focus on yourself and your self-worth for a while…then you’ll be sharing that pedestal 😊

Finding your Soul Purpose

Do you sometimes notice that when you are with the man or woman you feel romantically and sexually about you put them on a pedestal?

You may think at first you are doing this because of how special they are to you. You may think you admire another person or “look up” to them. This is just not the case when we choose to place someone on a pedestal. In this case, by placing another person above us, we are literally and automatically putting ourselves below them in a much lower position with much less power. Not only is this a very vulnerable position, but also a very unhealthy one. If we want to find and seek healthy relationships we must not knowingly put others above us leaving us feeling worthless and not good enough to be valued and wanted.

What is wrong with us when we do this?


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