Boost of the day #23: feeling sheepish?

liking different things

One way to corrode your self-esteem is to believe that you should be like everyone else. On some level, you are probably thinking that what you really are is not good enough. So you become a sheep. You pretend to like the same music as your friends, to enjoy the same movies, to share the same beliefs etc.

Now, I have many similar interests and tastes to my friends, that is why we became friends in the first place, which is exactly my point! Whatever you like/dislike, do/avoid, believe in/think is utter nonsense, there will be likely be others in the world that share your thoughts and would love to hear from you.

Even if there seems to be nobody out there sharing your thoughts, this is even better! Your uniqueness should be embraced – it is a strength to put your own opinion out there, not something you should avoid…

So thanks Emma for the inspiration today – if you don’t like what everyone else likes, don’t feel stupid – feel proud that you’re unique!

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