Boost of the day #22: Each Body’s Ready

I have loved reading the reaction to Protein World’s advert: Are you beach body ready? The original ad is below:

Protein World's beach body ad on the London underground

So the message is that to be ready for the beach, you have to have the perfect body. Nice. As if our self-esteem isn’t reliant enough on looking skinny and having perfect skin, hair etc.

What I love about us as a society is how we attack back. So many people agree that this is the last message we need to be sending to a world of people already obsessed with looking perfect to feel good about themselves.

Here are some of my favourite comebacks below:

beach poster

“If my body is on a beach, then it is ready. Thank you very much”

beach poster 5

“Stop encouraging women to starve themselves”

beach poster 4

Straight to the point!

beach poster 3

And my personal favourite…


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