Booster tip #3: Face your fears

confront fear

One of the best ways to increase your self esteem is to do exactly what you are afraid of.

For example, my low self esteem was mainly connected with thinking I was uninteresting and unattractive to the opposite sex. So I often avoided speaking to them – that way I avoided all my worst fears being confirmed if I was rejected.

However, thinking like this becomes an unhelpful and vicious circle. If I had instead faced my fear and approached someone to talk to, one of two things would have happened:

a) I would not have been rejected and therefore show myself that I must be attractive/interesting enough
b) I would have been rejected and realised it’s not so bad after all – and built up confidence for putting myself out there.

(To be honest, the second option is usually so unlikely anyway)

So I would encourage you to try facing your fears head on and see what happens. Otherwise you will be stuck in a vicious circle of avoidance and never realising there’s no need to be afraid of anything.

You are strong, good enough to deal with anything.

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