Back with a!

I haven't written a word on here since last summer, which is a shame as I love writing about coping with low self esteem in the hope it will help someone out there. I've been quite busy - I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Isobel, on March 5th. She is now almost 11 … Continue reading Back with a!

31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 17

Day 17 of 31 Days of Wellbeing... We are going for a simple one here, simple but very powerful and important to increase your self-esteem and wellbeing. Be proud of at least one thing you have done today. It doesn't matter how small or big, but be proud of something, even if it's just surviving … Continue reading 31 Days of Wellbeing: Day 17

Boost of the Day

It's so easy to get annoyed by trivial things, for example, I recently got annoyed by such things as changes in flight times, picking out a (slightly) bad tasting bottle of wine, forgetting my lunch...! I could go on but it gets quite embarrassing to list these trivialities because I should consider myself so so … Continue reading Boost of the Day

Boost of the Day

Comparison is truly the bloody thief of joy! I, amongst many others, am terrible for this. Only yesterday, I was running further than I have gone in months (rather slowly mind!), and I was beating myself up because other people were overtaking me. Why wasn't I praising myself for running further than usual instead? It got me … Continue reading Boost of the Day