30 Day Self Esteem Challenge: Day Twelve

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

– Joseph Campbell

Day Twelve: Share

Today is all about sharing a happy self-esteem moment, and unless you write a blog like this I guess it’s mainly sharing it with yourself, but this will importantly raise your self-awareness.

Today, share a moment when you felt good about yourself. Try to recognise what you were doing in that moment. Who were you with and why did you feel good about you? This should start to help you understand what you need to feel that love for yourself.

My moment:

I felt good yesterday about myself whilst I was walking my dog. She’s had a lot of problems reacting to other dogs in the past year since we rescued her, and I’ve done a lot of work and training to try and address the issue. Yesterday, there were dogs everywhere running up to her and she was good as gold 🙂 I felt like I’d done a good job helping her. This shows how helping others can benefit your self-esteem.

Next, we liberate.

Click on the calendar for the full 30 days.

30 day challenge 2019

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