Seeing humour

Gemma C

I love Gemma Correll’s work, which actually makes you smile at the darker issues some of us go through. I know the last thing we feel like doing is laughing when feeling low, but if you can find a little humour from time to time, it really helps. I’d say my ‘funniest’ moment when I was suffering was when I hid from an old friend’s mother in the theatre. My parents were totally bemused at what the heck I was doing, crouching down behind a theatre seat! I didn’t want anybody  I knew (aside from my parents) to see me or talk to me that night because I felt like a horrible human being. Now I look back on that, I can smile at how amusing that scene must have looked!

You might not be able to smile at your lower moments right now, but try to find something which gives you a little light relief. Whether that’s images you see on Facebook (I highly recommend looking at more images from Gemma Correll!), watching a comedy or spending time with a friend who makes you laugh, it makes a big difference to get that occasional smile.

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