Benefits of Power Walking

There are some days when you just won’t want to do ‘proper’ exercise. This might be because you’re exhausted, drank too much the night before, have aching muscles or are just not in the mood.

power walk

What to do on these days? I would highly recommend power walking. I know some may find this amusing, and runners may look at you with a little superiority as you walk on by, however there are benefits so it’s time to let go of the ‘walking isn’t exercise’ snobbery!

1. It is good for your fitness. I put on my running app whilst walking at a fairly quick rate (not out of breath) for five minutes.. I burnt 25 calories…now if you went for a 30 minute walk, this would become an excellent 125 calories burnt! Not too shabby at all…

2. It gets you outside. Rather than making a halfhearted gym attempt, being in the fresh air will perk you up and lift your mood, even if you don’t improve your fitness massively. Go to Boost Esteem for more on the importance of mental well-being.

3. It may spur you on. Often, when you start power walking, you will become more motivated to go faster and further than expected, and you may even begin a ‘proper’ workout by jogging instead. No worries if you don’t though because…

4. …It’s better than nothing! 30 minutes of walking > lying on the couch. Obviously.

5. You can go alone or in company. Power walking with a buddy is much more sociable than running. You can actually chat instead of speaking between wheezes! Alone, you can put on your favourite tunes and enjoy your own company 🙂

So…125 calories burnt, a chance to listen to music and get fresh air… there is the power of walking!

FYI – 99 calories = a bag of Maltesers. Guilt-free snack after the power walk, anyone?

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