Booster tip #5: Five simple ways to show yourself some love today

To boost your self-esteem, you need to start treating yourself like you would to somebody you love. Here are five simple ways to do so during your day!


1. Allow yourself to wind down and relax

Even if you can only spare 5 minutes thanks to a busy day, make time to sit down and breathe.

2. Accept compliments, including from yourself

If somebody says something nice to you, you must say ‘thanks’. And start the day by firstly complimenting yourself, as let’s face it, we can’t expect them every day from others!

3. Treat yourself

Whether it’s booking yourself a massage or doing some online shopping, treat yourself to something that you’ll enjoy.

4. Let go of mistakes

If you make a mistake today, don’t beat yourself up. Not even for a second. Breathe, accept that it happened and learn from it if necessary. If you’re lucky enough not to make a mistake today, forgive yourself for a mistake you made in the past.

5. Focus on writing your story, instead of reading, watching and hearing about everyone else’s.

Make an effort to stop comparing your life and yourself to those around you. Focus on making your life better and being the best version of you possible instead.

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