My Favourite Five Boost Posts

Apologies for being MIA for a while now, unfortunately my laptop has decided to crash on me after many years of heavy use (currently being naughty and writing at work, shh!). I will be investing in another, but I am on holiday for 3 weeks from Thursday so I will be waiting until after this.

I have loved creating Boost and never expected to enjoy writing and posting as much as I have. I look forward to post more about boosting self-esteem and general well-being next month 🙂

In the meantime, I thought I would list my favourite five boost posts from the past few months:

5. Five tips to stop being a people pleaser. Being a people pleaser can really dent your self-esteem, so be wary and read my post on how to avoid it!

pleasing others

4.  Five small ways to show yourself some love today. Try to fit these five things into each day.


3. Boost of the Day #50: Date Yourself. Single or coupled-up, get to love yourself by being your own partner sometimes.

 20 June Boost

2. Healthy breakfasts for your working week. Boosting your self-esteem goes side-by-side with boosting your physical well-being. Visit the sister site Boost Health for more tips!


1. Boost of the Day #46: Be strong and walk away. Sometimes we hold onto toxic relationships which decreases our self-worth further and further. Walking away is difficult, but necessary.

14 June Daily Boost

It’s too hard to choose five so… 

0. Boost of the Day #43: Good, not perfect. Perfectionism is often a top characteristic for those with low self-esteem. Let go of being perfect – nobody is capable and life becomes much better when you focus on being good instead.


Thanks everyone and see you in about a month!

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