Boost of the Day #88: Inner happiness

Create a life that feels good on the inside...Not one that just looks good on the outside.

Thanks to pressures from the outside world, we tend to believe that happiness is all about success, money, prestige, popularity…basically anything we can show off to the outside world. However, is someone who is successful, rich and popular necessarily happy? There are several very sad examples, such as Robin Williams and Heath Ledger, which prove otherwise.

What really counts is how happy we are on the inside. It’s time to readjust our aims and goals in life. Rather than always focusing on getting your next pay-rise or being loved by everyone, think about what will truly make you happy. Something that would still be there if you had a little less money or success. Something maybe that isn’t so obvious to the outside world. This might be investing in a hobby, putting effort into a few deep friendships/relationships or working on your inner peace via yoga and meditation.

Bottom line…focus on feeling good on the inside rather than the outside.

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