Depressive Illness

A brilliant article to read if you are suffering, have suffered or know someone who suffers with depression.


So someone Dad knows had suggested this book  to him, and I really found it quite amazing.  Particularly Chapter 6 regarding recovery- if only I had read that a month ago I think I would have had a bit of an easier time of it and maybe even have avoided hospital.

I’ve attached here a bit of a summary PDF but I would just say get the book.  For me it’s like this man opened up my head and looked inside and then wrote a book about it.

This is heartening.  Some of the health professionals I have met have been a bit bemused about me.  I do not have a family history of severe mental health issues, I am not alcoholic, I am not addicted to drugs, I seem to have been fairly stable until this period in my life, I do not have a vast amount of…

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