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It’s so easy to get annoyed by trivial things, for example, I recently got annoyed by such things as changes in flight times, picking out a (slightly) bad tasting bottle of wine, forgetting my lunch…! I could go on but it gets quite embarrassing to list these trivialities because I should consider myself so so lucky. Think about events in the world lately – the crisis in Syria, the earthquake in Italy, the shootings in Paris. People are losing their lives, battling starvation and here we are moaning about what we like to call ‘first-world problems’.

Of course, there may be issues and serious problems which you have every right to moan about, but I bet you also have a lot of good in your life which others do not have. Just being able to read this post is more than the uneducated people in some countries have. I find thinking about how lucky you are helps ease the anxiety, self-esteem and depression issues as it helps to put your thoughts and problems in perspective.

Smile for all the wonderful things and people you have in your life today.


2 thoughts on “Boost of the Day

  1. Katrina says:

    Hi there, thanks for your blog, it’s great, love reading your thoughts. It’s funny you mention your teaching job was partly a trigger for your low period a couple of years ago. What profession did you end up going into instead? Are you happier in that now?


    • Booster says:

      Thanks Katrina and sorry it’s taken me a while to reply. I now work at a University and it makes me so much happier – I still get to work with students but in a much less stressful environment 🙂 However it took a couple of years to get there as it meant learning a whole new set of skills, but it was well worth the effort. x


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