Boost of the Day


Well, after a 4 month break here I am writing again. Partly because I have missed having a hobby like this – blogging is a fantastic way to be creative and get writing. However it is also partly because I miss having an outlet where I can (hopefully) help raise others’ and my own self-esteem.

Writing this blog helped me to build myself up again after going through a period of low self-esteem, stress and depression. I have never been naive enough to think I would never feel low again, and indeed I am certainly still learning that it takes time to manage feelings of low self-worth. It is an ongoing journey and I am going backward to my blogging days to hopefully help myself and others to keep moving forwards and keep raising self-esteem.

As the boost of the day suggests, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to go backward, to reflect on the past, to regroup, to relearn and move forwards into a positive future. Life will never be a straightforward path after all!

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