Nutrition Boost #8: My top five healthy foods

There are five foods which I eat often, pretty much daily actually, which are a) incredibly healthy and b) taste good! I don’t believe in following a diet that limits your enjoyment of food or feels like you’re depriving yourself. Those diets will never last, whereas sensible, healthy eating will become more of a lifestyle, and that’s when you’ll start to benefit physically and mentally.

So here are my top five healthy foods which are full of nutrients and most importantly, they are foods I look forward to eating… I have also mentioned how I include them in my meals to give you some ideas.

  • Spinach

Spinach_2337460bI literally put this in almost everything! Right at the end of cooking a curry, chilli or pasta dish I throw some in. I fry it for 1 minute with a tsp of pesto and have it alongside salmon or a chicken breast. I put it in omelettes or scrambled eggs, or as a layer in a sandwich, salad or wrap. I put a handful of it in a smoothie (you cannot taste it, don’t worry!). It is so versatile and packed full of nutrients, get this in your diet now!

  • Fresh salmon

How-to-Cook-Salmon-04Salmon is full of good fats and omega-3 oils, which are great for your joints and cholesterol. I have salmon at least once, but often twice per week for dinner. I squeeze lemon juice on it, wrap it in tin foil and bake it, pairing it with sweet potato fries and vegetables. I also put it in pasta dishes, salads and a couple of times, I have had it with noodles or rice teriyaki-style. Again, it is a food which is versatile and delicious.

  • Oats

oatsI used to eat cereals which were full of added sugar and never kept me full for very long. I still sometimes eat these (again, don’t deny yourself as long as it is in moderation!) but 3-4 times per week, I make sure I have oats for breakfast. In winter, I have hot porridge with cinnamon, banana and honey. When I don’t want something hot, I make overnight oats instead.

  • Berries

health-benefits-of-berries-featuredBlueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries – I love them all! With Greek yoghurt as a snack, on top of cereals or toast for breakfast, in naughty puddings, on their own…just get them into your diet because they are packed full of goodness.

  • Hoummous

hummus620Left this one until last because I am truly addicted to this stuff. I’ve started making my own which is so easy – I’ll post up the recipe soon. In shops, there are so many different flavours out there to choose from. I have it in wraps for lunch, or as a dip with carrots/pepper/cucumbers/tomatoes/crackers. It’s a great snack and good to share at dinner parties as an appetiser. It’s filling and full of good fats 🙂

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