Booster tip #1

Do you think negatively about yourself everyday? Do you sometimes call yourself names and put yourself down?

If so, it’s time to start taking action to boost your self-esteem and change your life. I am going to start posting ideas and tips to help you do this. Some may work, some may not, but if you’re reading this I think it will be worth a go! I’m certainly glad I have started to make an effort to love myself 🙂

I am taking all ideas from websites, books and practical actions from therapy that have helped me…

i love you

Your first task is to write a list of things you like about yourself. Aim for 50 eventually. Yes, 50. Now I remember how horrified I was at having to do this but it’s important to start to practice thinking positively about yourself. It may take you some time to get to 50, but this list is a work-in-progress as you build your self-esteem.

For now, I would write at least 7 things within 1 week. That is one thing you like about yourself each day. The likelihood is that a friend or family member would have 100 nice things to point out, so if you’re struggling and comfortable with the idea, ask someone to help.

You could write about:

  • things about your personality
  • things about the way that you look
  • things that you do
  • skills you have developed

It’s only fair that I do this as well so here is my list for each of the above:

  • I am very loyal to my friends and family
  • The colour of my hair is currently a beautiful blonde
  • I buy generous gifts for my family
  • I have learnt to speak Spanish recently

That was much easier than it was a year ago! You do have to train your mind to think positively and it is possible.

Let me know how you get on – write something in the comments below that you like about yourself – tell the world and be proud!

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