Self-Esteem Boost: Pets!


I saw these two gorgeous ones yesterday and they always will put a big smile on my face and boost my mood. If you cannot have one yourself (like me in my small flat, boohoo!), do know any friends or family with pets? If so, ask to spend some time walking, stroking, playing (or better, all three) with them. Bonus – you’ll get in some human social interaction as well which always helps low self-esteem and mood.

Why does interaction with pets boost our mood? I guess it’s that wonderful feeling of unconditional love and enjoyment from an animal, which is unfortunately not always possible from humans. They don’t judge, don’t expect much (aside from food!), don’t criticise, don’t hurt you. Unfortunately they also don’t praise, give you advice, crack a joke or hug you tightly. So don’t ditch the human interaction forever, just enjoy the pure enjoyment of spending time with a simple, non-stressful being.

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