12 Days of Xmas Wellbeing: Ideas to get moving!

Over 12 days in the lead-up to Christmas, I’ll be writing 12 posts all about boosting your wellbeing…

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

12 quotes to inspire and live by11 song lyrics and movie quotes to boost and motivate, 10 websites for when life gets tough, 9 ways to de-stress, 8 ways to improve your low mood, 7 mood boosting foods, 6 ways to show yourself some love, 5 ways to stop people pleasing… and

4 good ways to get moving!

wishing you all a

  • Power walking/Running. One of the best workouts – great cardio, calorie burning, can be done independently or as a group AND free!! I’ve heard many people say they can’t run – it is something that is hard at first but I am convinced anyone can do it, as long as they are willing to push through the initial challenge. However, if you hate running, why not try power walking instead? Read the benefits of power walking here.
  • Home workouts. When it’s too dark, rainy or snowy outside to run, I resort to doing a workout in my living room. There are some great apps and videos out there now to use as inspiration, so you don’t have to do it without guidance. My favourite app is the Seven Minute Workout – there are five different workouts available, all consisting of strength/cardio high-intensity exercises. You can do one circuit lasting seven minutes if you are short on time, or do four circuits to make a full 30 minute workout. Read more about the app here.
  • Yoga/Pilates. For a less intense workout which reduces stress (particularly useful around Xmas!), find a yoga or pilates class. I joined a yoga club recently and I have really enjoyed the classes, as although it is gentle in terms of a cardio workout, it really does tone your body and produce results.
  • Dancing. Not everyone may enjoy this as much as me, but dancing is a fab way to get some exercise during those Christmas parties, nights out and even just when you’re home preparing for Xmas. Make a playlist of your favourite upbeat tunes and spend 10 minutes dancing around. When you’re at a Christmas party – take every opportunity to get on the dance floor!



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