Nutrition Boost #6: My favourite five healthy snacks

Five of my healthy snacks (1)

In my post on how to avoid sugar, I mentioned that I would write something about my favourite healthy snacks. During the working week, I make a big effort to avoid sugary snacks as I have a sedentary desk job – I certainly don’t stick to this at the weekend as I’m a big believer in not denying yourself if you have a craving. However, I also believe in taking care of the one body you’ve been given, so here are my favourite five healthy snacks:

  • Nuts and seeds

High in good fats and very low in sugar, a handful of nuts as a snack are filling and there’s a massive variety out there to choose from. A mix of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and cashews are my favourites. Beware of salted nuts and peanuts which are less healthy. 

  • Hummus and raw vegetables

Hummus is low in saturated fats and again, there is a great variety of flavours to choose from – I am completely addicted to the stuff! I eat it with bell peppers, carrots, plum tomatoes and cucumber. If I want some carbs, I have breadsticks or crackers.

  • Apple and peanut butter

An apple is high in fructose, but it is also full of vitamins and at least it is natural sugar. Combined with peanut butter, it makes for a delicious and filling healthy snack…

  • A punnet from a Graze box

I have recently signed up to a company called Graze. I was dubious at first that the snacks would actually be healthy and taste good, especially if I’m paying £3.99 per week! But I absolutely love it now – four snacks in a box, and you can choose from a variety of boxes – I am on the low-sugar box of course! I love the variety and the fact you can bin the snacks you don’t like.

  • Alternative snacks

Sometimes I can’t help but crave a biscuit with my cup of tea, or something higher in carbs. As I said, I don’t like completely denying myself, so I make sure I take a couple of ginger nut biscuits! These are lower in sugar compared to other biscuits, and normally one will be enough to satisfy me!

A good option if you are craving the carbs but not the sweetness, is popcorn. Just avoid the sweet popcorn – nowadays there are loads of great, savoury flavours to choose from…

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