Booster Tip #11: Don’t use the force

If you have to force it, leave it.Relationships.Friendships.Yoga poses. Perfect ponytails.Let that go.

With certain things in life, you shouldn’t have to force it. With a relationship or friendship, you shouldn’t have to chase relentlessly, with a yoga pose you shouldn’t let your ego take over your practice, and as for perfect ponytails…’s time to let it go!

If you’re having to use the force, think if what you’re chasing is worth your while. Is that man your dating increasing your self-esteem and making you feel good? Is that friend making you smile more than frown? To increase your self-esteem, you need to get rid of toxic relationships and anything that makes you feel bad. Otherwise, you’re sending a message to yourself that you’re not worth much, and don’t deserve a relationship that makes you feel good.

Stick with the people who make you feel great about yourself, exercise without over-exerting yourself and screw that perfect ponytail!

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