Boost of the Day #58: Follow your path

July 8 boost

Being rejected is tough. Whether it’s a rebuff from your partner, being turned away from a job, betrayed by a friend, or all three on the same day (this does happen!), it can really take its toll on your self worth and self esteem. Many of us will immediately blame ourselves for what went wrong and beat ourselves up to a point where your self esteem will be left in tatters.

It’s so important to not blame yourself for others’ choices. If someone chooses to reject you, that is because of their business, their mind and often, their own issues. It’s because something wasn’t right between two parties, whether that’s because a job role is more suitable for somebody requesting a lower salary, or because a partner has commitment issues.

Look at the quote I have posted – this is so so true. The times when you’re rejected from something, it just means it wasn’t right. If someone is rejecting you, why would you want to be involved with them anyway? You want someone who appreciates you, whether that is on a personal or professional level.

Hold your head high, keep true to yourself, and keep searching. You will stumble upon something or someone much better for you…

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