Booster Tip #15: Watch this film

So over the weekend I watched a film that was just wonderful for putting life in perspective. The film is called About Time and it is a Richard Curtis film (who also directs Love Actually, another amazing film!). The film is about a man who can go back in time. And it's nothing like Back to … Continue reading Booster Tip #15: Watch this film

Boost of the Day #160: Believing your thoughts

Your brain is an incredibly powerful organ. Your thoughts can have a powerful impact on your mood and your life. Positive thinking often leads to smiles, success and happiness. Negative thinking can lead to anxiety, depression and at worst, suicide. You need to treat your brain with the respect such a powerful organ deserves. If … Continue reading Boost of the Day #160: Believing your thoughts

Boost of the Day #140: Looking silly?

We all look silly sometimes, we all make mistakes, we are all foolish at times. This makes a person human, makes them real. Don't shy away from these moment - smile, laugh or breathe it off and move on. This gives you the power, gives you control over your life rather than letting it control you.