An honest (and brave!) insight into time spent on a psychiatric ward, thanks for sharing this x


 DSC_0026Perhaps it is time to talk a bit more about my time in hospital.  It was all a bit close to the bone when I spent my time on the psych ward to write about.

Things I learnt:

  1. You truly don’t know what you have got till it’s gone – all freedom is taken away from you.  Your days become ruled by drug rounds and meal times.
  2. It’s not that different in some ways from a medical ward.  Generally being a patient is incredibly frustrating – you spent hours/days waiting for a consultant to come and review you so that you have some idea what is going on.  The rest of the time you are trying to get information of various over-worked and underpaid staff members.  The other patients are likely in turns to make you want to run away and keep you going in the lowest moments.
  3. There…

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