Men and body image

Another great article from Buzzfeed here:

Click here for the article.

Main points I took from this:

  • Worrying about weight, body tone, skin problems, baldness and so on is not just an issue for women. Men go through just the same problems.
  • The images of men in the media are powerful and can really affect the way men feel about their bodies. There are not many men in the media with physical flaws, in fact I think the situation is far worse than on the female side, where flaws are beginning to be embraced more.
  • In dating and relationships, don’t assume a potential partner is that concerned about how your body looks. They might be intimidated by a perfect body, and other parts of you are normally far more important.
  • And my favourite point of the article…embrace your flaws. Great line from the article: ‘Who would you rather be around, the person who is light and breezy and witty, or the person who takes themselves way too seriously?’ If you’re constantly concerned about your appearance, you’re missing out on opportunities to get to know people because you’ll be so preoccupied with yourself. Focus on others, having fun and your other great qualities.

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