30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge: Day 2

Day Two: A physical feature I like about myself 

It feels weird typing this, but I really like my bum. It can be annoying having one that’s a little on the large side and not in proportion to my waist. My struggle of trouser shopping can be long and painful (literally when they get stuck at my butt), but the satisfaction when I find a good pair of trousers, shorts, skirt etc. is immense.

When I find a good fitting pair, my bum perfectly curves out from the rest of my body and looks wonderfully feminine and shapely. Pencil skirts and tight fitting jeans become a joy to wear and I have always been complimented on it.

It can be hard work with all the squat and lunge maintenance at the gym, but it’s totally worth the effort to have a rounded, rather than a flat and miserable, ass.

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