Boost of the day #35: Take That

Take That

So I went to see Take That last night… Firstly, oh my god they are amazing!

Secondly, they have a great song called Shine which has not only an incredible catchy tune, but also the lyrics really mean something to me. I used to listen to this song when my self esteem was suffering because the message behind it…well I could tell you but it’ll be easier if you just read some of the lyrics 🙂

‘Don’t you let your demons pull you down
‘Cause you can have it all, you can have it all.’

‘Stop being so hard on yourself
It’s not good for your health
I know that you can change
So clear your head and come round’

‘So come on, come on, get it on
Don’t know what you’re waiting for
Your time is coming don’t be late, hey hey
So come on
See the light on your face
Let it shine
Just let it shine
Let it shine.’

Here is the song in full…

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