30 Day Self Esteem Challenge: Day Twenty

Lies only exist if you believe in them.  The truth shall indeed set you free in the end.  Whenever negativity creeps into your mind, ask yourself:  Is it true?  Can I be 100% certain that it’s true?  - http://www.marcandangel.com Day Twenty: Quiet If only there was an easy way to quieten the negative thoughts in … Continue reading 30 Day Self Esteem Challenge: Day Twenty

Boost of the day #26: Determination

I think this quote is not only motivational, but it also shows the importance of building self-esteem and believing in yourself. People who set out on great physical challenges tend to point out that the biggest challenge of all was the mental battle, not the physical. Our minds are incredibly powerful and how you use … Continue reading Boost of the day #26: Determination