Boost of the Day #94: Worth the effort

Continuous effort

Never underestimate the importance of putting in effort. Let’s take the example of someone who runs a marathon in a fast time or a weightlifter. These people didn’t start off running at an epic speed or lifting 50 kilos. They chose to put in time and effort to become good at something.

It’s the effort that defines people. The effort they put into relationships or friendships will define them. The effort they put in when they’re depressed to just leave their home will define them. The effort they put into improving themselves will define them.

Monday motivation at its best…thanks Winston!

Boost of the Day #83: What should you do today?

Take care of

When you have low self esteem, it is easy to feel guilty for taking care of yourself. You think you don’t deserve such treatment, especially from your worst enemy, yourself! I have a feeling your friends and family might think quite differently, and would encourage you to spend time doing the things that you love, the things that make you feel good.

Take time today, or at least for a couple of hours during the weekend, to take care of you. Watch your favourite film, pamper yourself, do what makes you happy for once…

Boost of the Day #79: Never too late

It's never too late

If you’ve lived your life trying to meet everyone else’s expectations and desires, it’s time to take a stand. Maybe you’ve had a secret longing to start a hobby or follow a passion in your heart but felt like others would judge it. Maybe you’ve been suppressing a part of your personality that you think others wouldn’t like.

If you don’t accept that part of yourself or that need to do something, you’re not giving the world a chance to either. The world is full of people trying to fit in and be alike, when what it really needs is variety. You can bring variety to the world because nobody else is you!

Stop holding back and embrace who you really are. It’s never too late to do this…

Boost of the Day #76: Take the time to go outside

Take the time (2)

If it’s a beautiful day like it is today in many parts of England, there could be nothing worse than not going outside.

Even if it’s a quick five minute walk round the block, take the time today to breathe in some fresh air and if possible, make the most of the weather and get active. Walking, running, cycling, whatever floats your boat and gets you moving is going to give you an even bigger boost today.

There’s always Sunday evening to catch up on TV, have a glass of wine and eat good food. It’ll be all the better for having spent some time outside…

Boost of the Day #74: Progress


Never aim for perfection, no matter what the task in hand is. You’re just setting yourself up for anxiety, stress and a sense of failure. It’s really easy to say this – much harder to execute in reality if you have perfectionist tendencies!

Try looking at your situation as if you were looking at your friend with the same perfectionist thoughts – would you expect a friend to serve the perfect meal, have the perfect home/job or do a perfect presentation at work? I doubt you’d put the same pressure on that friend…

Aim to make progress, not be perfect. You’ll never reach happiness or self worth otherwise.

Boost of the Day #73: Compete with yourself

boost sep

Competition can be healthy, but the best type of competition is the one you have with yourself.

Don’t focus on beating others so much, focus on becoming the best version of yourself you can be. That could be by making progress in a hobby you enjoy, working towards a personal goal or just by becoming an even kinder (*or insert other personality trait*) person than you already are.

Boost of the Day #69: Courage

Courage boost

Boosting self-esteem or dealing with any mental/physical wellbeing issue takes courage. It takes courage to make steps to change your life, especially when you have to face parts of yourself that you have always hidden away.

This courage is not the kind of courage that others will notice…it’s not the same as jumping from a plane. It’s quietly making progress whilst facing your inner fears. Far, far scarier in fact. Stay courageous and keep making those steps.