12 Days of Christmas Wellbeing

For 12 days during the lead-up to Christmas, I’ll be writing 12 posts all about boosting your physical and mental wellbeing.

Day One: 12 quotes to inspire and live by

Day Two: 11 song lyrics and movie quotes to boost and uplift

Day Three: 10 websites to support your wellbeing

Day Four: 9 ways to de-stress

Day Five: 8 ways to improve your low mood

Day Six: 7 mood boosting foods

Day Seven: 6 ways to show yourself some love

Day Eight: 5 ways to stop people pleasing

Day Nine: 4 great ways to get moving

Day Ten: 3 ways to pass on some love

Day Eleven: 2 inspirational stories

Day Twelve: 1 big message

Merry Christmas! (2)