Boost of the day #41: Approval over criticism


Maybe this will sound too simple an idea for some, but I’m telling you it’s been working for me. I feel like I have made real progress of late boosting my self-esteem, just by deciding to stop being horrible to myself. No more belittling myself when I make a mistake, no more slagging off my appearance when I look in the mirror, no more telling myself that my friends are far more attractive than myself.

I chose to stop. I chose to approve myself, and treat myself with kindness and love.

I promise you it is worth a shot. Stop criticising, and start approving.

One thought on “Boost of the day #41: Approval over criticism

  1. sjmorris88 says:

    This is so hard- but a goal I have in the pipeline. Louise Hay who the quote is from is a really interesting author too – I’m reading you can heal yourself by her at the moment…


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